Few words about Marko Pyhajarvi and Nitro 24/7

  • My name is Marko Pyhajarvi, and I am an entrepreneur from Finland. I work with small and big companies to grow online sales by focusing mainly on four important areas:

    1. Optimizing sales pages
    2. Driving traffic with Facebook and Google advertising
    3. Improving upsells and repeating sales
    4. Investing incoming money to scale the process

    These are pretty much my tools, and with these tools I have been able to increase sales with most of my clients.

    I love challenges, and I love reaching goals. This is a picture of me crossing the finish line of my very first ultra trail run race (55km 35 miles in 7 hours).

Whatever your goals are, keep working hard to reach them. I do the same in my business and leisure time. I keep pushing hard to reach my goals and get to the next level both in business and life in general.

I currently live and work in Tallinn, Estonia. I have a beatiful wife and three lovely kids. I’m addicted to running and alpine skiing, and I’m loving it!

Nitro 24/7 is my coaching and consulting company. I help my clients to sell more online by using strategies and tactics that have provided me and my clients excellent results.