How to earn your first $100,000 as an expert?

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So you would like to build an expert business selling your service a.k.a. your time, and your products that can be reproduced, that is, books and digital products such as online courses.

How to earn the first 100,000 euros?

How to make your business grow?

How to achieve a revenue of a million euros?

It’s all about your product. If you can solve a problem your client has, and them forward by doing so, you have earned yourself a market place as an expert.

“When you can deliver value to someone, that’s the only thing that matters when they have a true problem. You don’t care where your mechanic grew up. You care — when your car is broken — can you fix it? Do you know how to fix it? If you know how to fix it, you’re my guy, you’re my gal. That’s what’s important.” – real estate investor J. Massey

The success of an expert is decided, to a large extent, by the severity of the problem that the expert is able to solve. Of course there are other affecting factors such as the competitive situation, marketing etc. but underlying everything is the client’s need to solve a problem, and the expert’s ability to help in doing so.

The success of an expert does not exist in a vacuum. To sell products an expert needs an audience.  Without an audience of potential clients making sales will always be difficult.

The best audience that an expert can have may well be your own list of email contacts.

I have sold my expert service and helped many of my consulting and coaching clients to grow their sales for several years already.

Both to me, and to all the clients of my expert service, email marketing has always proven to be the most effective method.


Email marketing is a powerful tool and I’m not talking about” spamming” now, but about email marketing in which the recipient expressly WANTS to receive emails from you.

Email marketing, combined with writing expert blog posts, is an extremely powerful selling machine.

By writing blog posts an expert adds value to their market, but without an audience the blog post will have no readers. A blog post, that no one reads, has no value or meaning.

So an expert should write blog posts regularly to give extra value to the market, and to show potential clientele the concrete benefit that investing in the expert’s service or products will gain them.

Once a blog post has been written, it’s time to PROMOTE it, in other words, to actively drive readers to view the post.

There are many ways to achieve this, starting from paid Facebook advertising to Search Engine Optimization, but the undeniably fastest and the most cost-effective way to steer large amounts of readers to the blog, is by emailing your own list of contacts.

Fact of the matter is, that the larger the amount of contacts on your list, the more readers you will reach and the bigger the sales you’re able to make.

It’s evident that emailing 1,000 people will produce less sales than emailing 10,000, and that by emailing 100,000 people, the number of sales will be significantly greater.

In the marketing of an expert service you should focus on these two things:

  1. Producing extra value
  2. Selling products

It’s an on-going process that needs to be done constantly, not only a couple of times a year. Discipline and maintaining a focus are the keys to success in this as well.

Producing extra value means that an expert gives concrete instructions to their market free of charge. In this way, the expert will not only get the attention of the market, but also shows it the value and the meaning of their expertise. By producing added value, the expert takes their place on the market.

Without sales, there will be no bread on the table, so in addition to producing extra value an expert should actively sell their services and their products.

My approach is to give 80% of my know-how completely free of charge, and the remaining 20 %, of the densest, most valuable information needs to be bought.

Here we begin to understand how to make more money, an expert should actively produce added value with the help of writing blog posts, and to steer readers to read them by emailing their list of contacts. In addition to this, an expert should actively sell their products by emailing marketing emails to their list of contacts.

In order to make this a bit more concrete, let’s imagine that you are an amateur expert. What is the first thing you should do, right now, and how should you proceed in order to make money every day from now on?

Start by producing “lead magnet”.

Lead magnet is a massive package of added value that you offer your market completely free of charge, as exchange for the contact details of potential clients. I personally prefer a free guide or an e-book, while others find videos more in their niche.

This lead magnet is all about you, as an expert, giving a huge amount of added value to your market completely free of charge, in order to gain new contact details of potential clients to add to your email list.

Let’s take, for example a nutritionist. What kind of extra value could they create?

A nutritionist could write a 20-page e-book (pdf) with the title ”7 steps to a diet that will help you live 30 years longer”.

With this particular guide the nutritionist will help potential clients to achieve results, even before they have bought a service of any kind from them. What could be better evidence of an expert’s value and meaning than the client achieving results without investing a penny into the expert’s service?

Once the guide is ready, it’s time to put it on the market. This is the point where the expert creates a landing site.

Tomi Kokko’s landing site is a great example of a well-built landing site for an e-book.

On this page Tomi gives his potential clients a stern package of information completely free of charge. With this guide Tomi’s clients will achieve results without investing a penny in Tomi’s services. Following this strategy Tomi doesn’t only grab the attention of the market, but also acquires thousands of client contacts for email marketing.

I myself use, and strongly recommend, Leadpages’ tool for creating landing pages.  Leadpages is an extremely easy to use tool for building effective and impressive landing sites. All of my landing sites have been built using this exact tool.

In order to store the email addresses, an expert needs to have a tool for email marketing. I use, and can highly recommend, possibly the most popular tool for email marketing, the Mailchimp.

Like Leadpages, also Mailchimp is very easy to use. The benefit of Mailchimp is that it is very simple to integrate, for example, with the Leadpages tool. Building a landing site that collects email leads is fast and simple with the combination of Leadpages+Mailchimp.

Once a landing site is created it’s time to start steering potential clients onto the landing site. Facebook advertising is by far the best way to do this.

Facebook advertising helps an expert to find exactly the right people, that is potential clients, and to direct them to the landing site to download a free e-book.

The power of facebook advertising is in finding the target audience. This means that as an advertiser, an expert does not need to pay for advertising to the “wrong audiences”, instead they are paying for the exactly right people to see and click on the ad.


If you’re an amateur expert and you want earn your first 100,000 €, do as the instructions below tell you. If, on the other hand, you’ve already done this for a while, and you want to raise your revenue from 100,000 € to the next level, to, say, 200,000 €, you need a bigger audience. You too must follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a stern lead magnet
  2. Build a landing site, where you give the lead magnet for free as exchange for the contact details of a potential client
  3. Direct the right target audience to your landing site with Facebook advertising
  4. Produce extra value by writing blog posts regularly
  5. Redirect readers to your blog by emailing your own list of contacts
  6. Create products and sales pages for them
  7. Make sales by directing potential clients from your email list to your sales page
  8. Repeat this process actively and stick religiously to this model.

Good luck!

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