Why what your mother taught you is holding you back from business growth?

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What do most parents teach their children? What did yours as well as my parents teach us? ” Be careful out there!” ” Don’t do that, it’s dangerous!” Parents want to protect their children, and that is what I do with my own children as well. However, for an entrepreneur who aims for success this is bad, because we have …


Are you also taking the wrong path like most start-up companies are?

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A few months ago I was sparring a start-up company that had an excellent business idea on a highly competitive but very large volume market. They had a good team, the right attitude and good product ideas. I believe that the guys could eventually get there, but their approach might still be a bit shaky. Dudes, if you’re reading this, …


How to earn your first $100,000 as an expert?

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So you would like to build an expert business selling your service a.k.a. your time, and your products that can be reproduced, that is, books and digital products such as online courses. How to earn the first 100,000 euros? How to make your business grow? How to achieve a revenue of a million euros? It’s all about your product. If …


Why are many solopreneurs and startups unable to gain big profits and to grow their business?

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As a 14-year-old I had my own beginner business. A greenhouse. I grew pine tree saplings and sold the trees to a forest product company. In addition to the pine trees I also grew poplar saplings that I sold to, for example, my mom’s friends. A tiny business of a single greenhouse wasn’t exactly a goldmine, so in addition to …